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Programming, with some mathematics on the side


I'm a software engineer.

Software I wrote

This list is horrifically out of date. I care enough to add this note, but not enough to update it.

  • rnn: Neural network that generates terminal color schemes given a wallpaper.

  • transcript-search: Attoparsec-based tool for doing searches by character, location, etc. on transcripts of Star Trek and Stargate. There is an instance hosted here: https://transcripts.kaashif.co.uk

  • rice_info: ricerous-compatible Qt program for managing notes on customizing *nix systems. Essentially a toy program, does barely anything.

  • quenya-verb: Haskell program (and web app) that conjugates verbs in Tolkien's constructed language Quenya (an Elvish language).

  • muon: Haskell static site generator I used to use to build this site.

Other things

I like to contribute to my operating system, OpenBSD. I am the maintainer of a few ports (check out my repology.org page) and try to send a patch in when I see a problem I can fix (usually an outdated package or fixes to documentation).

I'm a member of the nixers.net community, which is a community centred on customizing and writing software for *nix operating systems. I am responsible for porting new software (written by members of the community) to OpenBSD, which involves working with the author to remove/modify platform-specific code, submitting a port to OpenBSD.

Stuff running this site

See the contact page for how to get in touch.